VOIP (Voice over IP) Hosted telephony solutions

IP Telephone

Switch to a VOIP (voice over IP) solution and start saving.
Lots of customers are moving to VOIP as a solution as they find this saves money on call costs and makes their employee`s more versatile with the ability to work from home like they are sat in the office.

You may already be aware that ISDN lines which are commonly used for phone systems are being are being phased out and need to be replaced, normally with fibre broadband.
If you cant get fibre broadband you could purchase a leased line, you will find the price will offset against what you are currently paying in call and rental costs.
For more information on internet and leased lines take a look at our internet services page.

No Contract

You don`t need to sign up for e.g 3 or 5 years etc you just pay a rolling contract and give notice if you decide to change provider. 

Reliability and call quality

One common question is what if my internet goes down? no problem, while your internet is being fixed you can open your mobile app, login and divert you calls to your mobile or another number. (this rarely happens)

As for call quality, if your phones are using the same internet connection as your computers etc then the phone traffic would take priority to get the best possible call quality, this can usually be setup on your router/firewall. 

IP Phones

The phones are fully customisable and come with gigabit up-link just in case you are short of cabling ports around your premises.(computers can be up linked through the phones) features of the phone system includes.                             

Auto-Attendant - Call reporting  - Hunt Groups - call forward - call hold - call transfer

Call recording - extension dialing - company directory -  Call queuing

You will also benefit from many other features (too many to list), give us a call for a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements, our details are on the contact page. 

Installation is straight forward once you sign up you will have your phones delivered and setup by an experienced Technician.
You will be given a temporary number as your system goes live, whilst still using your existing phone system, then any existing number/s that you would like to keep can be ported over.

Training will also be provided on using the handsets and configuring the online control panel.

Enhance your portability

Utilise this base station and DECT phone/s, this device support`s up to 6 wireless handsets on the same extension.

Wireless Dect Phone